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Butterfly Gifts - Home and Garden
Butterfly Garden Stake - Enjoy butterflies in your garden
year round!  Our stainless steel Butterfly Stake even looks
markings on each wing are permanent, not painted, for years of
enjoyment in your garden.  Beautifully built in North Carolina,
each butterfly has a  9" wingspan and is 5" tall, complete with a
spiral stainless 27" steel stake that moves with the wind.      
Butterfly Wind Chime - Cast in solid
brass, the wind makes an enchanting sound
while twirling the butterflies about.  The
brass bell holds the strands of butterflies
securely.  Finished in a verdigris patina for
years of enjoyment, the Butterfly Wind
Chime measures 21" in height, each butterfly
is adjustable to the length you desire.
Designer Wooden Butterfly
Matches -
Have these Butterfly Matches
around to light your candles.   Each box is
4-3/8" long and contains 50 matches, strike
plate on the side of the box. When you are
finished with the matches order more from
us or refill.   
Pewter Butterfly Hooks, Set
of Three -
Handmade in Oregon
by famed pewtersmiths Tin
Woodsman, these beautifully
detailed Butterfly
 Hooks are
durable and strong enough for the
job of hanging towels, clothes or
garden tools.  Add these creative
accents to your bath, kitchen or
potting shed, mounting screws
included, measures 2-1/2" in width by
3" in length.
$25.00   Set of 3
On Sale Now   $20.00
Feather Butterfly Garlands -
Beautiful accent to hang from your ceiling,  
over curtains or around a lamp shade, the
options are limitless.  Made from real feathers,
for better hanging.  
Great for butterfly
themed events, like weddings, birthdays,
or anniversaries.
Feather Butterflies,
Set of Twelve -
of our most popular
collections of feather
butterflies.  Each butterfly
has a spring clip so you can
display them anywhere in
your house where you
would like to add some
summer butterfly fun; house
plants, curtains, shoes, or
your hair, these are just a
few of the many ideas for
these lovelies.  Made from
real feathers and beautifully
hand-painted.  Each
butterfly measures 4" x
$16.00   Set of 12
Multi-Color Butterfly Garland
9  Butterflies, 4-1/2" x 2"
Checks & Money Orders Accepted
Butterfly Serenity Wind Chime -  
Beautiful detail in our cast aluminum wind
chime gives it an artistic appeal, accented with
a verdigris finish.  Measures 36" from hook
to bottom butterfly.
Butterfly Wind Chime
Serenity Butterfly Wind Chime
Butterfly Wind Chime
Serenity Butterfly Wind Chime
Butterfly Mounted
Specimens Framed,
quality mounting highlights
the shape and intriguing
colors of this collection
of humanely harvested
tropical butterflies.  
mounted on
cotton in a black metal
frame with a  glass cover.  
A beautiful display of
natures wonders.  
Species may vary, 5
butterflies framed
measures 14-3/4" by
4-3/4" and 2 butterflies
framed is 7" by 5".
Butterfly Garden Bell - Handmade in India, each butterfly is
hand cut and polished for a charming finish.  Embellished with colorful
beads and finished with a bell that delicately chimes with movement.  
Hang the Butterfly Garden Bell indoors or out, hang it from a
doorknob for a delightful sound each time the door is opened.  
Measures 17" in length by 4" in width.
Brass Butterfly Thermometer - Bring beautiful artistry to
accented with a butterfly on a verdigris finish stem with leaves.  
Temperature given in both Fahrenheit and Celsius on the glass
tube which swivels so you can position it for ease of reading.  
Measures 8-1/2" in height by  3-1/2" in width, mounting hardware
Five Butterflies
Art Glass Butterfly Sun Catcher - Add a wonderfully magic
'sparkle' to your windows.  Made from iridescent art glass and sun
catching beads our Butterfly Sun Catcher lights up your windows on
sunny days.  Measures 4-1/2" long by 4-1/4" wide, comes with a
mono-filament loop for hanging.      
Butterfly Species
may vary,
Two examples
shown here.
Butterfly Porcelain Lithophane Night Light -The
lithophane, 'Vision in Stone' technique, was invented in France
in 1872.  The engraved hand-colored picture of a butterfly
resting on dahlias gives this incredible 3-D appearing image
amazing beauty, especially when lit.  The Porcelain Butterfly is
mounted on a swivel base for easy adjustment, according to
your space.  Gift boxed, light bulb included.   
When the light plays on it.
Two Butterflies
Five Butterfly Specimens
Framed    $28.00
Two Butterfly Specimens
Framed   $12.00
Butterfly Sandstone Coasters, Set of
Four -
Each coaster is unique,  made from
quarried natural absorbent sandstone in the
Southwest USA.   Natural cork backing,
measures 4" in diameter.     
$22.00   Set of 4

Coaster Caddie
holds a set of four 4"
coasters, measures 4-1/2" diameter by 2-1/4"
Coaster Caddie
Butterfly Coasters
Butterfly Wall Plaque -  Handmade by
Maine artist Richard Abbott.  Each tile looks
like they are ancient artifacts found at an
archaeological dig.  Beautiful raised relief
design with scribed borders.  An enchanting
addition to a wall or to be used as a border or
back splash in multiples.    Terra cotta finish.  
Butterfly Shimmering Bells -  Copper bells with
verdigris butterflies shimmer and tinkle with the slightest
breeze.   Adds instant charm indoors or out, simply hang
and enjoy.
Measures 21"L x 13"W.
Butterfly Dome Paperweight - A beautiful tropical
butterfly drawing with exquisite detail under a heavy glass
dome with felt bottom. Measures 3" in diameter, gift boxed.
Glass Butterfly Magnets, Set of Six -
Butterflies accented with flowers are displayed
strong magnet will hold your papers securely.
Butterfly images may vary.  Gift boxed.
Each magnet measures 1-1/2" in diameter.  
$15.00   Set of 6  
Butterfly Glass Tray -  Gorgeous Transferware
glass illuminates the butterfly in a 3-D appearing image.  
Hand-applied art transfers make for a stunning glass
tray, the butterfly seems to float above the tray.  
Decorative use only.
Measures 4.5" x 4.5" square.
Butterfly Glass
Coasters, Set of Four -

Enchanting antique images
with a modern flare produced
in the time honored
transferware technique.  
These  substantial glass
coasters have a lip to keep
your drink secure and a felt
bottom.  Comes in a linen
textured gift box [shown].
4" diameter.
$29.00   Set of 4
Butterfly Scramble
Squares -
 Fun for the whole
family!  Easy to play, hard to
solve!  Test your skill at puzzle
solving with this 9 piece
beautifully artistic puzzle.    
Award winning creation made in
California.  Helps maintain
mental agility at all ages.  
Measures 12 inches square
Butterfly Pocket Notepad -  The laser cut butterfly catches
the light beautifully!  Magnetic closure and the butterfly is the flap!  
Foil accents add to the enduring design.  75 sheets.  3-1/4" x 6"
Sparkle Butterfly Garland -
Perfect for weddings,
anniversaries, graduations,
birthdays you name it.  Each
sparkle butterfly is accented with
rhinestones.  The garland has 8
large butterflies.  Arrives ready
to hang or string where you want
it.  Beautiful as an accent around
the house.   
Eight Butterflies.  6" x 5" each
The strung garland is 78" long
Monarch Feather Butterfly Clips/Set of 6 -  Large
detail.  Enjoy placing them around your house on
bookshelves, lamp shades or on potted plants.  Great for
butterfly theme events like weddings, graduations, or
birthday parties.  Enjoy bringing the look of your garden
indoors for year round enjoyment.  4-1/2X 3
$9.00 Set of 6
Set of Twelve
Set of 6
Close Up
White Admiral
Butterfly Wall
Sculpture -
Created by Bovano in
Connecticut, through
meticulous layering and
glass fired repeatedly
in a kiln until the right
depth of color is
achieved on the copper
base.  Measures
8/1/2" x 6-1/2".
Close Up
Butterfly Silhouette Lantern -
Exquisite cutout butterflies with wings
upturned poised for flight.  The flicker
of the candle shines enchantment
through each butterflies wings onto the
ceiling and walls, beautiful to behold!
Metal Lantern measures 9"H x 7"D,
candle not included.
Butterfly Cluster Lantern - A cloud of
butterflies appear with the dancing light of the
candle flame coming through the intricate cut out
butterfly wings.  Designed with Moroccan
influences, these metal lanterns were used to adorn
the inside of tents with their playful silhouette
shadows filling the tent, or your ceiling and walls,
with playful shadow magic.
Measures 6"D x 7"H, candle not included.
Butterfly Napkin Rings,
Set of Four -
delightful addition to your
next dinner party or
Summer picnic.
Each ring is large enough to
accommodate a full size
2-3/4" x 2-1/2" Aluminum
Free Shipping on Orders of $50 or More, see home page for details.
Butterfly Cutting
Board/Trivet -
Made of
tempered glass so can be used as a
hot plate, cutting board, trivet or
cheese board.  Tempered glass
resists stains, odors & bacteria.  
Rubber feet hold it securely on
counter tops.  Great house warming,
hostess or wedding gift.  Hand wash
in warm water.  
Measures 8 " x 11".