Mounted Dragonfly Specimens
Framed -
Five beautiful mounted
dragonflies for your  favorite young
entomologist or to display on your own
wall to add a touch of the tropics.  
Museum quality mountings with each
dragonflies genus and species shown
below it.  Complete with black metal frame
and built-in hook for easy hanging.  Some
variation in species possible, measures
15" x 6".     
Dragonfly Specimen
Magnets, Set of Four -
Unbelievably realistic resin
dragonflies with a strong magnet
so you can place them wherever
you desire, refrigerator or filing
cabinet.  They arrive in a
'specimen' box, each dragonfly
measures 2-1/2" in length with a
4" wingspan.       
$15.00   Set of 4
Feather Dragonfly Garland -  
Decorate a room with these cheerful
Feather Dragonfly Garlands.  Hand
carved and painted wooden bodies
have life-like real feather wings, each
dragonfly is securely fastened to a
clear mono filament line for display by
draping them across a lampshade,
shelves or curtains, they also look great
hung from the ceiling so you can watch
them twirl in the breeze.  Measures 78"
in length with 9 dragonflies.     
Designer Dragonfly Wooden Matches -
Have these Dragonfly Matches around to light
your candles, with their extra long length they go
a long way.  Appearing like mounted specimens,
the box has a double dragonfly image on one
side and a single on the other. Each box is
4-3/8" long and contains 50 black tipped
matches, strike plate on the side of the box.  
Dragonfly on Dogwood Wall Sculpture -  
Since 1952 Bovano has been designing and hand
crafting stunning heirloom quality enamel sculptures in
their Connecticut studio.  Each piece is solid copper
with layers of vitreous enamel [art glass] that is
delicately applied by hand and then repeatedly fired in
a kiln until the desired vibrant and subtle hues are
produced.  The enamel colors are permanent and will
not fade or lose their luster, heirloom collectibles to
enjoy for generations made by American artists.  
Measures 7" x 6".
Dragonfly Gifts...Home & Garden
'Flight of Dragonflies' - The simple delight of
watching dragonflies perform their aerial magic over a
quiet pond is captured here in this exquisite piece.  
Lilypads and flowers intertwine with pond reeds as the
surface of the pond reflects a clear summer sky with
our intricately etched dragonflies resting on the reeds.  
Each vein in the dragonfly's wings has been
painstakingly engraved, the wings are then finished in a
holographic multicolored application resembling the
sun reflecting on their surface.  Complete with a
handmade real eucalyptus leaf mat.  
Mat size is 8" x 10", Image 4-1/2" x 6".        
Raised Relief Dragonfly Wall Plaque -
Maine  sculptor Richard Abbott has captured
the subtle gracefulness of a dragonfly in exquisite
detail.  He produces the original artwork then
hand casts each piece, finishing the tile with a
gentle mossy green which gives it the appearance
of a centuries old tile perhaps just unearthed in
the Italian countryside.  The dragonfly is raised
above the tile surface for an added life-like
image.  Complete with a wire hoop for secure
hanging, measuring  6" x 6".   
Dragonfly Art Glass Sun
Catcher -
Add a wonderfully magic
'sparkle' to your windows.  Made from
iridescent art glass and colorful sun
catching beads our Dragonfly Sun
Catcher lights up your windows on sunny
days.  A large 6" wingspan and 4-1/2"
long.  Comes with a mono-filament loop
for hanging.      
combination of 'water art glass' with stained glass border
accents.  A beautiful pewter dragonfly brings extra charm
to this enchanting picture frame.  Glass bottom and sides
give it a new look in picture frames while holding your
favorite photo securely.  Holds 4" x 6" photo.            
Dragonfly Art Glass
Picture Frame -  
One of
the most beautiful picture
frames we have seen in many
years.  Designed in
Minnesota using a
Porcelain Lithophane Night Light - These night lights
are absolutely magical! The lithophane, 'Vision in Stone'
technique was invented in France in 1872.  The engraved
porcelain panel, lit from behind, makes a breathtakingly
detailed picture in warm sepia tones. Incredible 3-D
appearing images give wonder to all who see them.  
Measures 4-1/4"H x 4"W.  Gift boxed.
Brass Dragonfly Coat Hooks
Placed on the wall of your entrance
room or garden shed, this swarm of
dragonflies will be there to delight
you, and hold your wrap, or tools.  
Constructed of solid brass with a
soothing green-blue patina, these
four Dragonfly Coat Hooks are
long and stout enough for most items
you need to hang.  Measures 17" in
length, mounting hardware included.   
Brass Dragonfly Hook - Be creative,
place this Brass Dragonfly Hook in an
entrance way, bathroom or outdoors by the
hot tub or pool.  Wonderful to use in your
potting shed to hang your tools from.  Cast
brass with verdi finish, comes complete with
two mounting screws for solid placement.  
4-1/2" wingtip to wingtip.   
Dragonfly Key Hooks - Exquisite
detail set these fine cast brass hooks
apart. Both beautiful and functional you
can place them indoors or out.  Add a
bit of whimsy in your home or bring a
beautiful accent to your garden shed or
pool house. The Dragonfly Key
Hooks are 9-1/2" in length and have 5
hooks to accommodate a busy
household, mounting screws included.    
Balancing Bamboo
Dragonflies, Set of Two -
Made from bamboo with a pleasing
washed stain finish, both beautiful to
see and entertaining to watch.  Place
the 'nose' on any object and 'presto'
it balances perfectly and gently sways
in the breeze! Complete  with two
bamboo stands, but you can place
them wherever you like.     
7" body length, 6" wing span.  
$10.00   Set of 2,
One Each Color
*Balances Anywhere
*Kids Love Them
*Great Party Favor
*Like A Magic Act
Dragonfly Garden Bell - Beautiful tone ring out with the
movement of this Dragonfly Garden Bell, handmade in India, giving
artisans a working future for their families.  Made from hand tooled
steel and iron with sun catching glass beads that add a colorful
accent to each piece.  Display indoors or out, expect slight
variations as each piece is handmade, measures 15" in length by
4-1/2" width.  
Dragonfly Plant Stakes, Set of Four -  
Add a bit of dragonfly fun to your house plants
or garden.  Both functional and beautiful the
Dragonfly Plant Stakes are cast brass with a
sealed verdigris finish for years of use.  Each
stake measures 14" in height.     
$22.00   Set of 4   
On Sale Now $18.00
Dragonfly Rain Gauge Garden Stake - Great accent
piece to any garden, especially if you like dragonflies!  Carefully
crafted detail enhance the beauty of the 'twig' and resting
dragonfly.  Cast in solid aluminum for years of enjoyment.  Easy
read large numbers on the glass rain tube.  
A large 25-1/2" H x 5-1/2"W.     
Dragonfly Garden Stake - Designed and
constructed completely out of a solid piece of
weather resistant stainless steel in the USA.  This
large dragonfly's  wingspan is nearly 10 inches and
each wing is cut with a whimsical design. Held high on a
24" stainless steel stake the dragonfly floats above
your flower bed and brings a beautiful sense of design
and movement to your garden.
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Great for Jewelry Too!
Damask Art Dragonfly Kitchen Matches - The distinctive dragonfly
print adds a point of interest to a familiar kitchen item.  Clear top shows the
white tipped matches while the bottom has the strike plate.  Measures 4-3/8"
tall with 70 matches.
Glass Dragonfly Magnets, Set of Six - Tropical
dragonflies accented with ferns and flowers are displayed
beautifully in our glass dome magnets.  The strong magnet will
hold your papers securely, dragonfly images may vary.  Each
magnet measures 1-1/2" in diameter, gift boxed as shown.  
$15.00   Set of 6
Dreamworks Dragonflies- Handmade for generations by a
very talented and famous family of Mexican artists.  Each dragonfly
is individually hand carved from native woods and meticulously hand
painted with amazing detail.  In Spanish they are known as Alebrjes
(Dreamworks), for the mystical colorations and fanciful design.  
Easy assembly.  8" wingspan, 6-3/4" body.  Slight variations due to
each dragonfly being completely handmade.  Artist signed!
Shimmering Dragonfly Bells - A tantalizing, eye
catching, display of dragonflies!  28 dragonflies with a
verdigris finish, and 30 copper bells, add a delight of
movement and sound when the breeze picks up.  Great
accent piece, indoors or out.
21" long x 13" wide
Closeup of a square
Dragonfly Scramble Squares -  
Fun for the whole family!  Easy to play,
hard to solve!  Test your skill at puzzle
solving with this 9 piece beautifully
artistic puzzle.    Award winning creation
made in California.  Each puzzle
contains interesting information about
dragonflies.  Helps maintain mental
agility at all ages.  Assembled puzzle
measures 12 inches square.
Dragonfly Nature Stickers - Just for Fun!  These beautiful,
3-dimensional Dragonfly Nature Stickers are colorful, and come
with reflecting accents. They make great party favors, kids love
them too!  9 plastic stickers.
Copper Dragonfly Thermometer -  Heavy solid copper
construction with easy to read numbers and glass thermometer.  
Adorned with a brass dragonfly, complete with hanging hardware.
Measures 12" high, 2-1/4" wide.  
Dragonfly Art Glass Night Light - Beautiful
antique bubble glass encased in a hand soldered frame
and adorned with a detailed dragonfly.  Perfect for a
dark spot in your hall or bathroom.  
Bulb included. The glass is 4" x 2-1/4"
Hand carved wood
and hand painted by a
four generation family
of artist in Oaxaca,
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