Hemerocallis.....Daylilies.........organically grown.....
When God said, 'I want to create a beautiful, carefree flower anyone can grow.' He did his heavenly thing and made
daylilies. Almost any color imaginable is the daylilies' palette, coupled with an amazing array of petal textures, accents and
watermarks. Early bloomers, mid-season, late, tall ones, short ones in-between ones, demur sized flowers and true giants all
combine in this wonderful family of garden beauties. Given full sun, though I have many in partial shade that do just fine, average
garden soil, and a fair amount of rain, daylilies will grace your garden for years to come. There are some that are so happy to
bloom the first time they come back and bloom again later in summer. Several varieties are even fragrant!  Best of all daylilies are
extremely tolerant of  neglect and are very winter hardy, coming back year after year here in my Wisconsin garden.  We have
carefully selected a grouping of some of the best out of thousands of varieties.  Shipping May, then after blooming and into
Quantities are limited. Please reserve your plants early. Now accepting 2017 orders.
'Izzy Dizzy' - A real charmer in our garden that always draws attention.
Beautifully erect structure with the 4" flowers sitting nicely above the
plant. Very unusual and beautiful! An early to mid season bloomer that
shows off its peach/pink diamond dusted petals and eye catching
watermark 'eye' with pizazz.  
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'Putting It Mildly' - What a beauty! When these first open in our garden
each petal with a light green throat that centers each flower.  Twenty Six
inch plants blooming in the mid-season with 4" flowers that may re-bloom.
'Prairie Blue Eyes' - This award winning purple-lavender 'bluish' beauty
is unique in the daylily world.  If you are looking for a different colored lily
with great substance and numerous blooms, this is the daylily.  Experts say;
"there is nothing like it!"  Twenty eight inches tall, medium season bloomer
with 5 inch flowers.  Great eye appeal.  
multiple scapes that is an early to mid-season show in the garden.   As a  -
This daylily has it all!  A strong 26" bloomer on bonus, the gorgeous 6"
flowers are fragrant!  A Stout Medal Award winner, 'Strawberry Candy' is
destined to be one of the best daylilies of all time.  A 'Top 10 Best' as
voted by the A.H.S.    
'Wonderful Wonderful' . A lavender daylily with beautiful form that lightens
sports 5-3/4" flowers that grace your garden twice, as 'Wonderful Wonderful'
is a re-bloomer.  Each light lavender flower is nicely diamond dusted displaying
ruffled and creped form and a pleasant fragrance to boot!      
'Bama Music' - Forming stunning clouds of pale pink, 'Bama Music'
brings itself to the garden party in the mid-season.  A sturdy 22" plant, each
flower color with strokes of cream on each petals' rib, culminating in the
highlighted  yellow throat.  The 5" flowers are exquisite, and as a bonus you
get to enjoy them again when they re-bloom!
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Hudson Valley - A beautiful yellow self that lights up the landscape, and
is too! A real standout with attention grabbing 8-9" flowers.  
The flowers sit 32" above the ground so a large clump provides plenty of
appeal.  One of our favorite mono-tone daylilies that possesses an
interesting flower shape and a subtle coloration in varing  hues of yellow.
The flowers bloom at night and are noted for their ability to hold up even in
very hot weather. 'Hudson Valley' is a long blooming award winner.  Mid
June bloomer.  Opens at night.
into your border and between larger plantings.  'Siloam Bo
Peeps' flowers are 3-1/2" and open in the early to
mid-season.  The orchid pink blooms are both fragrant and
re-blooming!  Each bloom is delightfully accented with a
prominent purple eye.  
'Siloam Merle Kent' - 'Merle Kent' commands attention at 18" in
hight with gorgeous lavender orchid petals with a high mid-rib and ruffled
edges. The deep purple eye makes this beauty even more of a
standout.  Flowering in the mid-season, 'Merle Kent' is also a
registered re-bloomer.
'Siloam Shocker' - 'Siloam Shocker' is a standout at mid-season with
large 5" blush pink flowers beautifully accented with a scarlet red eye and
ruffled edges add to the beauty of this show stopper.  Wherever 'Siloam
Shocker' is planted it never fails to grab your attention and it's a
'Mardi Gras Parade' - Spectacular flowers that brighten up a
sunny place in your garden no matter where you place them.  The
attention grabbing 4" flowers bloom in the mid-season, and are
regarded as a re-bloomer.  Standing tall on the 25" scapes, each
flower displays it's highly illuminated ruffled rose lavender colors
that are accented with a double wine eye.  An absolute stand out
in the perennial garden.  
'Get Set' -  Subtle shades of pinks/lavender blend out from the light green
throat and spill onto the lightly ruffled edges of each petal. Further accenting
'Get Set' is the striking mid-rib light pink 'star' stripes that draw the eye in. A
mid-July bloomer it supports its' 5-1/4 inch flowers atop 26 inch scapes. A
real charmer!     
'Valley Isle' - Possessing a form that reminds me of an angel, 'Valley
Isle' lives up to it's name by taking the viewer away to distant imaginings.
Delicate shades of pink with yellow tones radiating from the brilliant
light green throat then open wide from the heart then gently fold back
A mid-to-late season bloomer, the scapes are 28 inches tall and
display their 6-7 inch flowers with joy.      
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'Bright Butterflies' - Luscious 3-1/2" lavender blooms gracefully off
the delicate beauty of this mid-season bloomer.  Top all that off with
dressed up with ruffled a subtle purple eye ending in a light moss-green
throat, and you have a really outstanding flower.  Strong 34" plants that
are a good re-bloomer.   
'Pasqueflower' - A newer introduction that brings delicate light eye,
ending in a charming yellow/green heart.  A mid-season bloomer
standing 26" and displaying delicate 2-1/2" flowers.   
'Strange Magic'-  'Strange Magic' instantly became one of our
favorite daylilies to plant in front of taller, darker foliage perennials,
for the bright eye-opening light it brings to shadowy plantings.  A
mid-season bloomer standing 22" and displaying prominent ruffled
red-orange flowers that are beautifully accented with light pink raised
rib. Slight fragrance.       
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'Thunder Butte' - This bold beauty is a real eye catcher in the garden.  
A demur variety attaining 18", it is one of the first to bloom as it is rated
'very early'.  The 4.5" flowers have a nice rose veining with a shimmering
eye enlivens each flower.  Lots of scapes and buds on this early welcome
sight to the garden.
'Claimed Blessing' .  A mid-season bloomer that goes into August
displaying strong violet tones with light burgundy veining and shading in the
delicately ruffled edges.  A handsome presentation at 31", each scape
produces excellent substance with large 5-1/4" flowers that show the star
shaped form.  The overall flower is diamond dusted and each dominate
tri-petal is ribbed with a striking accent mark.  Mature plants give off a slight
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'Mulberry Marvel' -  Showing good form,  each petal is nicely ruffled
and creped with a lighter accent on the raised rib.  Holding its own at
29",  'Mulberry Marvel' helps fill out the garden with its' display, an
abundance of both scapes and blooms. The large 6-3/4" flowers are
sure to please those looking for a darker shade to compliment their
garden color scheme.  Opens at night.
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'Siloam Ury Winniford' -  'Siloam Ury Winniford' is perfect for in
front of a border, or among shorter perennials.  The cream colored 3-1/2"
blooms show off the elegant purple-black eye with it's attention grabbing
contrast. A mid-season bloomer and it is also a  re-bloomer.   
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'Chorus Line' - A Kirchoff introduction that is a gorgeous addition to any
garden.  Multi branching allows for a virtual cloud of color. Blooming in the
early to mid season, the wonderfully cheery pink flowers display ruffled
edges, an accented raised rib and a subtle deeper pink halo.    
'Eruption' - If you want to light up a place in your garden then plug in a patch
of 'Eruption'! A real standout in the red daylily arena with it's beautiful
coloration adorning large 6 inch flowers. The plants are 30 inches and bloom in
the mid to late season. The flowers are slightly ruffled and light up with their
velvety cherry-red magenta shading.      
'Siloam Rainbow Magic' - Bringing a new 'round form' into the daylily
world this variety helps add visual interest to your perennial plantings.
Stately 22" plants bloom in the mid-season and again later in the season
as a re-bloomer.   5" blooms display a wonderful blend of apricots and
cream ending in a delicately shaded green throat. Siloam Rainbow Magic
is a very strong plant which is well branched and heavily budded.      
'Daring Deception' - This daylily possesses a completely different
and striking color combination.  The overall color appears as a dusty
purple picotee pie emanates from the green throat.  This is a heavily
ruffled, very distinctive flower.  'Daring Deception' sports 5" flowers
atop 24" scapes, which re-blooms.  An early to mid-season bloomer that
is sure to captivate.    
'Betty Davis Eyes' - If you are looking for a daylily that just about has it
all, the lavender dusted flowers are regarded as very fragrant by daylily
standards and they also rebloom.  Adding to all these outstanding
characteristics is the beautiful grape-purple eye that sets a stand of 'Betty
Davis Eyes' apart. A fantastic addition for all around enjoyment.     
'Eastern Gate' - This is one of our favorite daylilies as it seems to
bring in spring as it is the first of the 'large flowered' daylilies to bloom in
our garden. Large 6" flowers that captivate your attention with their
yellow-melon hues delicately diamond dusted for extra appeal, the plants
are 31" tall.   
'Night Beacon' - 'Night Beacon', blooms in the early to mid-season
sporting an eye opening deep lavender coloration, beautifully accented
with a deeper lavender eye. The raised rib down the center of the
petals adds to the enchantment of this beauty. Each 4" bloom sports
an absolutely stunning chartreuse heart that makes this charmer really
stand out and it's a re-bloomer!   
'Final Touch' - Bring a little motion into your garden with the
'pinwheel' appearance of 'Final Touch'. The petals and sepals
alternate their shades of pink to give this daylily a unique and
captivating look.  A strong bloomer that is sure to liven up your
garden.  Blooms into September here in Wisconsin.  
'Siloam Double Classic' - A real stand out in the garden! The
unusual 'double puff' petals bring a different look to the daylily bed.
Blooming in the early to mid season you also get to enjoy it's blooms
later in the season as a re-bloomer. A sweet fragrance from large 5"
flowers  is also a big plus. Very short supply! Please order early.     
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'Michaela' - A large flowered attention getter that stands
out in the perennial garden.  Center raised rib and slightly
ruffled petals add extra charm.  Mid-season 34" plants
producing 6" flowers.
'Ice Carnival' -  Light up a dark spot in your garden with
this nearly white daylily.  Charming light lime green heart
makes an enchanting contrast in colors.  Fluted 6" flowers
bloom in the mid-season atop 28" plants.  Opens at night.
'Owahoo' -  We have been growing this daylily for nearly 30
years and it is still one of our favorites that always gets comments
on garden walks.  Striking color contrasts that light up the garden!  
Magnificent 6" flowers from 26" plants in the mid-season.
'Producers Showcase' -  We have a clump of 'Producers
Showcase' at the edge of our garden by the stone stairs coming
up to the house and it has been a continual attention grabber for
years. Gorgeous pink ruffled 6" flowers that bloom early in the
mid-season on 24" plants.
'Abstract Art' -  Sure to please bright orange slightly ruffled
petals brighten up the mid-season garden.  30" plants display the
3-1/2" flowers admirably.
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'Exotic Love' - A real treat
in the mid-season garden.  
Beautiful intense maroon
throat on bright yellow petals.  
Plants stand 32" and sport
4-1/2" flowers.  
'Druid's Chant' - A real standout in our mid-season gardens, deep
magenta petals accented with a single eye and ending with a band of
these wonderful 5" flowers.
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Buffalo Grove, IL
'Moonlit Masquerade' -  Absolutely striking in the perennial garden!  A
2004 Stout Silver Medal Winner that struts its many charms beautifully.  Cream
with an eye catching purple/maroon eye ending in a green throat.  Very strong
grower with scapes that have a  well branched habit.  Plants are 26" with 5-1/2"
flowers.  Early-mid season, re-bloomer.    
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