Frog Gifts..........
One of my favorite garden visitors are the many frogs and toads that a healthy garden attracts.  As
world populations offers a chemical free retreat for amphibians.  With no insecticides or petro-chemical  
established, you will have a perpetual habitat of  these garden control insect pests 24/7.  Our Frog
Collection will bring our garden friends inside to cheer you up in all four seasons.  
Brass Frog Doorstop - This fun little guy is both a
whimsical addition to your home and functional.  Perfect
for the frog lover in you . The cast brass frog sits
3-1/4" in height.    
Frog Plant Stakes, Set of Four -
Used to prop up a plant stem or for added beauty,
the Dancing Frog Plant Stakes are both fun and
functional, for use indoors or out.  
Measures 14" in height, gift boxed.
$22.00   Set of 4
Frog Wall Hooks, Set of Two -
These happy frogs are ready to help out, holding
your coats or towels, indoors or out.  Made of
sturdy steel and brass with a pleasing verdigris
patina, our Dancing Frog Wall Hooks have an old
world hammered finish.  Each hook measures 5" in
length and will accommodate heavier items, mounting
hardware included.  Gift boxed.         
$18.00   Set of 2
Frog Scatters, Set of 6 - Just for
pure fun, the Frog Scatters adds an
element of the outdoors to your home.  
Made of solid cast brass. Use to hold
down a note, place card, napkin, or they
can be spun like a top for the  fidgety
guest.  Use them for a table top ornament
or employ them for entertainment, you
decide.  Each frog measures 2" long, gift
$18.00   Set of 6  
Climbing Frogs Rain Gauge - Each frog appears to be in
perfect balance atop each other while holding the glass rain
gauge in place.  Sturdy brass construction with a solid base.  
Our Climbing Frogs Rain Gauge offers a weather functioning
tool in a fun format.  The glass vial is clearly marked in inches
for easy viewing. Finished in a pleasing green patina, measures
7-1/2 inches.
Gift boxed.       
Tree Frog Key Hooks - Our Tree
Frog Key Hooks are made from solid
brass with a verdigris finish and are
equally stylish in your home, pool cabana,
boat house or potting shed.  Mounting
screws included.      
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Woodland Toad Tree House-
Made exclusively for us by a local Wisconsin
potter, our Woodland Toad Tree is a
natural delight for any tree the life-like trunk is
glazed with natural earth tones.  Constructed
from high fired ceramic clay.  Please allow
some variation as each Toad Tree is made
completely by hand, measures approx.  7" in
height by 5" in diameter.  
Toad not included.
Frog Brass Thermometer-  What a beautiful way to
brighten up a daily chore.  Our cast brass and copper
thermometer is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.  It  
is accented with a climbing frog and lily pads.  The
thermometer swivels so you can position it for ease of
reading.  The numbers in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.  
Measures 8-1/2" in height by  3-1/2" in width, mounting
hardware included.
Frog Sketch Pad -  Great to take along on a day hike or a world tour.  
Designed and made in the USA from 100% recycled paper and soy ink.  
The 20 heavy pages have the look and feel of handmade paper with steel
spiral hard covers.  Measures 6-1/2" x 4".  
Frog Garden Bell - Handmade in India, each frog is hand cut and
polished for a charming finish.  Embellished with colorful beads and
finished with a bell that delicately chimes with movement.  Hang the
Frog Garden Bell indoors or out, hang it from a doorknob for a
delightful sound each time the door is opened.  Measures 17" in length
by 4" in width.
Frog Wind Chime -  Great design and sound from a beautiful
garden wind chime with 6 jumping frogs.  Made of cast iron with a
pleasant verdigris patina and accented with gold beads, measures 27"
in height by 4" width.
Hopping Frog Minimals, Set of Six -
Their beautiful detail will perk up any spot
you place them.  Set them around a favorite
plant, on your mantle or scattered around
the table at your next dinner party.  They
also add charm to your indoor water
feature.  A fun way to bring the outdoors
inside.  Each frog is 1.5" in length, their solid
brass construction makes them heavy
enough to stay put.  
$20.00   Set of 6
Frog Pocket Change, Set of Five -  These
charming pocket pets are beautifully detailed on top and
bottom. Fun to have scattered on tabletops, to use as
'wishing stones' or to keep in your favorite keepsake
box.   Created by a skilled family of pewtersmiths  in from
lead free safe pewter.
Frog 7/8", Tadpole 1/1/2"
$13.00   Set of 5
Frog Scramble Squares -  
Fun for the whole family!  Easy to
beautifully artistic puzzle.  See
who can solve it the fastest.  
Award winning creation made in
California.  Each puzzle contains
interesting information about  
frogs.  Helps maintain mental
agility at all ages.
12 inches square
Frog Bottle Opener - Have a little froggy fun at your next party.   
Easy grip, easy opening bar tool that is fun to use all week long.  All metal
durable construction.
5-1/2" Long
Frog With Lily Pad Coasters,
Set of Five -
Frog observes his
lily pad coasters made of cast
aluminum with a verdigris finish.
Completely charming coasters for
your next party or everyday use.  
Soft protective bottoms.    Each
coaster measures 5" in diameter.
$34.00   Set of 5
Includes 1 Coaster Holder &
4 Coasters
Frog Rain Gauge Stake - A charming accent for your yard
and it's functional too!  The stake is modeled after a natural
stick and the verdigris finished frog dances merrily on top.  Cast
Aluminum and glass, measures 28-1/2" long.
The Call of Frogs and Toads, Including Audio CD -
The first real sound of spring is the chorusing of spring peepers.
At first they all seem to sound the same, but if you stop and
listen different individual songs emerge out of the din. Lavishly
filled with wonderfully captured color photos of 42 different
species of frogs found East of the Great Plains. Included is an
audio CD with field recordings of the 42 species which makes
identifying both easy and fun. There is also biological
information on frogs and individual notes on each species. Really
fun to use with your kids to learn together about these
wonderful amphibians.    
List Price $19.95   Our Price  $17.00
Frog  Afternoon Table
Fountain -
Beautiful to look at
and relaxing to listen to.  The
gentle flowing water cascades over
lily pads and rocks adding a sense
of serenity and charm to your
indoor environment.
Made from cast aluminum.  Pump
included.  Just add water and plug
in.  Sorry, no gift wrap.
Ships UPS.
19.5" Long, 11" High
Frogs, The Animal Answer Guide - Have you, your
kids or grandchildren ever wondered if frogs have teeth?  
Answer this and many other questions with the authors'
easy-to-understand yet thorough explanations.  This book is
filled with interesting facts about one of Earths most
important amphibian groups.  Color plate photos and black &
white photos help tell their story, written by Mike Dorcas and
Whit Gibbons from John Hopkins University Press
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