Hummingbird Gifts & Feeders...Special Treats For Your Favorite Hummers
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Hummingbird Wind Chime - Made of solid brass, our
Hummingbird Wind Chime brings a delightfully musical ring to the
air when the wind entices it to move. Thoughtful detail is evident
throughout the piece bringing an added element of artistry to the
enchanting sounds. The wind chime adjusts in length to 21" from
the top of the brass bell to the bottom of the hummingbirds.
Closeup of Hummingbird
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Hummingbird Pencil Pad,
Two Styles-
Liven up your
fridge or file cabinet with our
Pencil Pads, complete with a
magnetic pencil.  
Measures  9-1/2" x 2-3/4"
Ruby Throated
Hummingbird Pencil Pad
[pictured left] - Features
habitat information on the Ruby
Throated Hummingbird at the
bottom of each page.   
Hummingbirds on
[pictured right] -
Features beautifully detailed
Hautman Brothers artwork,
called 'Hummingbirds'.
Ruby Throated Hummingbird
Hummingbirds on Columbine
Raspberry Hummingbird Flip Notes - A great way to take
notes and enjoy a hummingbird motif on your note pad.  Spring
loaded metal case, just slide the pen out and the lid pops open for
quick and easy note taking, perfect for your purse or backpack.  
Measures 4-1/4" x 3", 50 sheets of paper and one pen.     
$7.00   On Sale Now - Two for the Price of One
Flip Note Pens, Set of 2 - Run out of ink?   We offer a set of
two replacement pens.
$3.99   Set of 2
'The Hummingbird Garden' - This guide, by Mathew Tekulsky,
is devoted solely to hummingbird flower gardening.  Attract
hummingbirds of North America into your garden and learn about
hummingbirds in your neighborhood.  Color photo insert, 118 pages.   
List Price $12.95   Our Price
Flip Notes
Hummingbird on Dogwood Wall
Sculpture -  
Since 1952 Bovano has
been designing and handcrafting stunning
heirloom quality enamel sculptures in their
Connecticut studio.  Each piece is solid
copper with layers of vitreous enamel [art
glass] that is delicately applied by hand and
then repeatedly fired in a kiln until the
desired vibrant and subtle hues are
produced.  The enamel colors are height by
7" width.
Hummingbird Folding
Umbrella -
hummingbird print on super
strong, water non-breakable
fiberglass ribs.  The umbrella
opens with the push of a
button to a large 48" canopy
arc with 24" handle, then push
the button to close. 12" length
when folded.   
Hummingbird Garden Bell -  Handmade in India by local
crafts people from tooled steel and accented with colorful
glass beads.  A beautiful addition to garden, porch , patio or
hang it from a doorknob so the beautiful bell rings when the
door is opened.  Measures 15"L x 4-1/2"W.
Sterling Silver Hummingbird Earrings -  
This dainty pair of Sterling Silver
Hummingbird Post Earrings are a wonderful
way to show your love of hummingbirds.  
Measures 3/8".  Gift Boxed.  
Mini Oasis Hummingbird Feeder with Hanger
Absolutely beautiful aqua jewel color (see feeder
shown above for aqua color
) add a wonderful
accent to your garden, and provide a welcome oasis
for your backyard hummers. Each vessel is made in
Mexico from aqua colored recycled blown glass,
includes the red glass feeder spout and a metal hanger
with a black powder coat finish.  The vessel measures  
4-1/2 inches in length and holds 4 ounces of nectar,
the hanger measures 12 inches.   
Mini Blossom Hummingbird Feeder with Hanger-
Looking to add the magic of hummingbirds to your garden?  
Our ruby red Mini Blossom Hummingbird Feeder provides
an oasis for your hummers, hand blown in Mexico from
recycled glass, includes a metal hanger with a black powder
coat finish.  Each  Mini Blossom measures 4 inches in length
and holds 4 ounces of nectar, the hanger measures 12
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Porcelain Lithophane Hummingbird Night Light -
These night lights are absolutely magical! The lithophane,
'Vision in Stone' technique was invented in France in 1872.  
The engraved porcelain panel has a  3-D appearance when lit,
the hand colored hummingbird  on flowers is a wonder to enjoy
daily.  Measures 4-1/4"H x 4"W, bulb included.  Gift Boxed.
The first time I encountered hummingbirds, I heard them, hundreds of them, drumming their
wings in the distance.  As I broke through the underbrush into a large tropical glade carpeted in
(trumpet vine), the sound and sheer numbers of hummingbirds flying everywhere was overwhelming-  Amazingly,

is hardy all the way up here in solid zone 4 southern Wisconsin, and the 'Ruby Throated'  finds it here
with delight.  Adding nectar feeders heightens their appearance and staying power in your yard.
Hummingbird Sandstone Coasters, Set of Four -
Each coaster is unique, made from quarried natural,
absorbent sandstone with a natural cork backing.  
Measures 4" in diameter.
$22.00   Set of 4

Bamboo Coaster Caddie -
 Bamboo Caddie
measures 4-1/2" diameter by 2-1/4" height.
Sandstone Hummingbird Trivet - High quality
sandstone quarried absorbs moisture while displaying the
natural beauty of the stone.  Each stone in unique in
character with natural cork backing to protect your
furniture, measures 6" in diameter.
Hummingbird Coasters
Coaster Caddie
Raspberry Hummingbird
Card Case -
Our sturdy
metal card case will keep you
with your hummers all year
round, even when you are doing
business.  Great for credit
cards too!
Measures 3-1/2" x 2-1/4".
Raspberry Hummingbird Pill Box - Our sturdy metal pill box,
adorned with a hummingbird among the flowers, keeps your
medications secure.  Three compartments for your pills or mints.
Measures 2-1/4" x 2".
Brass Hummingbird Thermometer -  A beautiful
way to enjoy a hummer all year long and check the
temperature too.  Beautiful brass construction with a
lovely verdigris patina on the background of flowers
and leaves which accents the hummingbird nicely.  A
glass tube holds the glass thermometer, reads in
Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees and swivels to
position it for easy reading.  Measures 8" height with
mounting hardware included.
'Welcome' Shimmering Hummingbird Bells -
Welcome your guests with copper bells and verdigris
hummingbirds that shimmer and tinkle with the slightest
movement.  Adds instant charm indoors or out.
Measures 21"L x 14"W.
Hummingbird Glass Dome Paperweight - A
beautiful Ruby Throated Hummingbird in flight in
great detail with an antique feel encased in a glass
dome.  This Hummingbird Paperweight has enough
heft to hold your papers down and makes a charming
accent piece for your work space.  Measures 3" in
Hummingbird Scramble Squares -  
Fun for the whole family!  Easy to play,
hard to solve!  Test your skill at puzzle
solving with this 9 piece beautifully
artistic puzzle.  See who can solve it the
fastest.  Award winning creation made in
California.  Each puzzle contains
hummingbirds.  Helps maintain mental
agility at all ages.
12 inches square
Hummingbird Transferware Glass Coasters, Set of Four - Exquisite antique images with a
modern flare produced in the time honored transferware technique.  These  substantial glass coasters
have a lip to keep your drink secure and a felt bottom.  Comes in a linen textured gift box.  4" diameter.
$29.00   Set of 4
Hummingbird Glass Domed Compact -  Beautiful
antique image is illuminated by the faceted glass dome
cover.  Wonderfully comfortable in your hand, the sturdy
metal case has a push button for easy opening.
Hummingbird Glass Compact comes in an organza gift bag.
2-3/4" diameter.
Hummingbird Journal - Exclusive textured vintage
cover features retro-modern hummingbird image with a foil
embossed foliage background.  160 lined pages, ample for
many months of journaling.  Complete with elastic attached
bookmark so you always know where you left off.
Leather Hummingbird Clutch -
Embroidered Hummingbird adorns this black
tri-fold leather clutch with two windows for
I.D. cards or photos and eleven card slots.  
Also included are four large pockets for
checkbook, shopping list or receipts and a
sheath to park your pen.   In addition, it has a
handy zipper pocket on the back.  All this
secured with a double snap so that you can
adjust the closure size to the amount of 'stuff'
you are carrying.    Use as a hand clutch or
pack it in your purse, measures 7-1/2" by 4"
Angel Wing Hummingbird Feeder -
Mouth blown from recycled glass in Mexico
this ruby red feeder with clear glass angel
wing accent is perfect for your backyard
hummers.  A nicely accented ruby red glass
'flower' pulls out of the feeder for easy
filling.  Complete with strong steel hook for
hanging.  Holds 4oz.
4-3/4" Long
$20.00   Sweetheart Sale $15.00
Hummingbird Compact -
Complete with two mirrors,
one regular, and one magnified,
our Hummingbird Compact is a
delight to use.  Metal
construction with a snap lock
3" in diameter.
Festival Del Colibri Hummingbird Feeder - Proceeds
from the sale of this beautiful handmade red glass feeder go to
support the San Miguel de Allende International Hummingbird
Festival.  Hummingbirds are important pollinators throughout the
Americans so are important to us and our ecosystem.  The
festival was created to add awareness about these useful and
beautiful jewels in our sky.  Measures 3" x 11", made from
recycled glass with a permanent etched glass design of cacti &
hummingbirds.  Hook for hanging included.
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