Japanese Iris....organically grown......fresh dug from our fields.
Native to Japan, their wild iris ensatahas been cultivated and hybridized for over 800 years! Introduced in the United
States after the Civil War, American gardeners and breeders have been experimenting with their vast array of colors ever
requirements. Japanese Iris bloom after their Bearded Iris cousins, usually in June into July and sometime August, making
for nearly a full summer of  iris bloom. Rich organic soil with a pH of 5.5 to 6.5 and full sun are ideal.  While their rhizomes can
be under a few inches of water during the growing season, this must be avoided during the freezing months. In the normal,
drier, garden soil environment make sure to apply a minimum of 1 to 2 inches of water a week.
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'Wings Aflutter' . This 1969 introduction still sparks up a special garden
spot. A stately iris at 44 inches it commands attention. Double falls, each is
accented with a prominent pansy violet border and brushed violet speckles.
The large white center draws the eye in where the yellow signals seem to spill
out of the throat and gently strokes each fall. Quickly forming good size
clumps, 'Wings Aflutter' is a garden  treasure in the mid-season.     
'Pink Lips' - The styles and standards are light cream beautifully veined in pink.  
The nice yellow semi-signal is a balancing color stroke rounding out it's
delicateness. 'Pink Lips' is a medium season bloomer first introduced in 1990.    
'Caprician Butterfly' . This is a wonderfully gorgeous flower!  Given the
highest award a Japanese iris can achieve, the Payne Award and Payne Medal,
this 1985 introduction is still turning heads.  A newer form displaying six falls that
are beautifully curved and lightly curled on the edge. The purple throat gives way
to the striking yellow brush marks accenting each fall. The intricate veining gives
an intriguing pulse to the flower.     
'Manadzuru' .  One of the early hybrids in recent times the beauty of this a
unusually heavy veining against the white background sets 'Manadzuru' apart
as an eye catching light blue. The over-all form of the plant is considered
tailored and neat.     
'Harlequinesque' . A 1986 introduction that still grabs attention
in the mid-season flurry of Japanese iris bloom.  A stately plant at
38 inches in height it reinforces a garden with it's unusual display.
Each flower is centered in white and then develops into white falls
with variably splashed blue and red-violet across them. The
splashed markings merge into themselves eventually becoming solid
at the edge.  Sharp yellow signals accent each fall.     
'Hue & Cry' - A 1970 introduction it has received the highest award given
Japanese Iris, you can see why.  Displaying startling coloration and contrast
with unique deep veining in the falls that give a nice 'pinwheel' accent to the
overall affect.  A 30 inch, mid-season bloomer.     
'Blushing Snowmaiden' - To light up a special place in your garden
'Blushing Snowmaiden' will certainly do the trick.  A white background brings
on the light then is delicately 'blushed' with soft reds to add the charm.  A C.
Harris introduction from 2000, it blooms in the mid-season and attains a
height of around 36".  A standout in the iris garden that was awarded an
Honorable Mention [HM] by the American Iris Society in '03.    
'Butterflies in Flight' - From the gardens of one of my favorite
hybridizers, the Aitkens from Oregon, comes this beauty which they and
in the garden.  The deep purple styles crown each flower with en
endearing look.  A mid-season bloomer growing to 36".  'Butterflies in
Flight' adds a beauty and movement to the perennial garden.     
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'Light in the Opal' . Introduced in 1936, a few select gardeners have
been lucky enough to have this gem lighting up their plantings.  Showing
off it's soft rose-pink coloration with an opalescent iridescence, each
throat and gently blend into soft blues before merging into the
shimmering falls. Considered an early bloomer 'Light in the Opal'
displays itself regally with 6-7 inch flowers.  
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'Confetti Dancer' - Hybridized in Oregon in 1998 by L. Reid.
Displaying ruffled white falls with delicate marbling of purple & violet flecked
throughout. Unusual and very distinctive, this flower creates a different look
in the garden compared to many iris with 'veining'.  Growing 24" to 36" tall
and blooming in the mid-season garden.  A beautiful iris that garnered an
Honorable Mention  by the American Iris Society in 2002.   
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'Flashing Koi' - The name alone makes me like this iris.  'Flashing Koi'
offers a distinctive and eye catching attraction.  Delicate white falls are
deliciously veined with rivulets of red/maroon running out of the deep
red/purple heart.  Each fall is crowned with a signal brush stroke of yellow.  
A mid-season bloomer introduced by Mary Hager,  it garnered an
Honorable Mention in 1982.  Growing to 36", it adds excitement to the iris
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