Louisiana Water Iris....organically grown....fresh dug from our fields.
Early in the last century adventuresome gardeners in Louisiana began collecting their native wild swamp
varieties and hybridizing them.  The varieties we offer do well in zone 4 and even into Canada I have been told.
Their awesome array of colors and strong foliage lends a hand making a focal point in any garden where they are
planted.  Louisiana iris prefer rich organic soil on the acid side, and each week a minimum of 2" of water.  Our
rhizomes are #1 field grown plants.
Louisiana iris start shipping in August only, this insures an
adequate energy supply stored in the root system for the winter.  Quantities are limited, please
reserve your plants early.  
Now taking orders for 2018.
'Black Gamecock' . I am always amazed at the brilliance of color displayed in
the Louisiana Iris. As you can see in the photo, Black Gamecock harbors the
deepest, nearly black, shades of purple.  Quickly forming healthy 24 inch high
clumps, Black Gamecock is at home in a non freezing pond or flower bed. This
1978 hybrid is an early to mid June bloomer in our zone 4 garden.      
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'Kelly's Choice' . Just when I was thinking they couldn't come up with
another shimmering color in this variety of iris, along comes 'Kelly's Choice'.
Intense burnt orange with perfectly accompanying smoky red accents along
each falls' edge highlight the show this iris brings to the garden.  First
appearing in 1993 and receiving an Honorable Mention award in 1996
'Kelly's Choice' is sure to light up a corner in your garden.      
'Singer of Songs' -Introduced in 2001 'Singer of Songs' is gaining
recognition.  An early to mid-season bloomer this commanding iris stands
marked in ruby-wine red.  Each fall is slightly ruffled and displays the
displays the displays the ruby-wine red coloration with unique watermark
splotching.  A ruby-wine red coloration with unique watermark splotching.  
A slight fragrance is also evident.   
'Almeria' . Coming out in 1988 and winning an Honorable Mention. A
well proportioned plant at 34 inches it brings it's display to the garden in
mid- season. The contrast is striking as the rose-red falls provide the
backdrop for the mauve standards that are nicely accented with rose-red
brush mark.     
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'Ann Hordern' - Another beauty from Australian hybridizers.  'Ann
Hordern' was introduced in1997 and has been a standout ever since. The
back canvas is pale yellow with shades of pink and dusty rose as accents.
Deep pink veining. The bloom opens more yellow then changes to pink the
second day. Stately at 40" A mid to late bloomer.    
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'Love Ya' . A 'natural form' iris exhibiting the striking symmetry as found in
nature. The contrast in the falls makes for a most desirable combination.
Healthy field grown plants prosper in the non-freezing pond or flower bed.  
Readily multiplying into clumps 'Love Ya' will brighten your yard for years to
come. Mid-season bloomer.      
'Our Dorothy' . Introduced in 2002 and sure to become a favorite. The
falls are colored light lemon with cyclamen pink-red edging. The lime-yellow
signal is nicely outlined in red and flows into the pale lemon and pink standards.
The style arms are apricot blushed in pink and slightly ruffled.  A good sized
plant at 38 inches, 'Our Dorothy' blooms in the mid to late season.       
Red Dazzler' . Talk about a knock out. This smoky red iris lights up the
Louisiana Iris prosper for years in a sunny location with acid soil. Introduced
in 1969 'Red Dazzler' is still the red of choice. This variety, as most Louisiana
iris, quickly forms nice non-invasive 24 inch high clumps.    
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'Love Me Do' . Another show stopper. Hard to imagine such brilliant
colors in an iris. Louisianas bloom about 3 weeks after the bearded iris and
two weeks before the Japanese making 'Love Me Do' a welcome splash of
color between iris blooming waves.  Nicely curled cerise-red falls, each
displaying a delicate white rim. The yellow throat sends out sharp yellow
signals as a beautiful contrast.          
'Prix d'elegance' . From the deep bayou with years of breeding coaxed
into it Prix d'elegance says it all. Subtle shades of mauves and pinks
accented with yellow rays emanating from the light green throat capture the
eye. A sure showpiece for your iris collection, all this iris needs is plenty of
sun and water to reward you with a magnificent late June display. A 1997
hybrid growing 35inches tall and flowering in the early to mid season range.     
'Dorothea K. Williamson' - Maybe not as showy as today's hybrids but
still a simple beauty, 'Dorothea K. Williamson' has been entertaining in the
iris bed since 1918. Elegant in design with it's deep blue-purple petal mark
delicately highlighted with a yellow signal.  One of our heirloom varieties, it's
good to know your roots! An extra bonus is it's delightful fragrance, rare in
'Cherry Twist' . If this is any indication of the new varieties of
Louisiana iris coming out of the breeders imaginations, bring 'em on!  
This iris, introduced in 2002, is a show stopper. Deep cerise-red
petals display many hues as the light of day plays on their surface.
Each petal is ruffled showing a darker red edge. Nicely accenting the
center are bright golden signals outlined in bright cherry red. The
overall form is showing rounded, overlapping petals which sometimes
twist on the end.
'Nelsonii' . Collected in the swamps by Abbeville, LA.  A wild collected
variety originally, our plants are garden grown. Each flower displays an eye
catching red that stands out in the garden. Each fall is nicely marked by a fine
yellow signal. Pendant standards end in larger, upright styles.  A  beautiful 30 inch
plant that blooms in mid-season.
'Good Vibes' - What a stand out! This is a big bold iris that commands
attention. The plant is over three feet tall, and each flower over 6 inches
across. Just beautiful! Delicate ruffling accents the edges of each
violet-purple petal. The contrast of the yellow signals against the violet
petals just lights up the flower.  Subtle blue veining winds it's way through
the yellow of each signal adding extra interest.  An outstanding late June
bloomer that does well in our zone 4 garden.        
The Louisiana Iris, The Taming of a Native American Wildflower
A complete reference by The Society of Louisiana Iris.  If you have a
water feature in your yard and you haven't tried Louisiana Water Iris yet,
explore the possibilities.  In the past 100 years these native iris have been
taken out of the swamp and hybridized into just about any color and
combination you can think of.  Easy to grow and just pure joy to see in the
garden they are a welcome splash of color to your pond or garden.  
Hardcover.     List Price  $34.95   Our Price  
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