24" Bamboo Stakes, Set of Ten - Natural bamboo plant
stakes, perfect for securing spikes in-order to display your
flowering specimens with natural grace.   
$2.00   Set of 10   
Grow-More Premium Orchid Food - For healthy vigorous growth and
exceptional flowers we have been using Grow-More Premium Orchid Food for years
with great results.  The blue bloom is 6-30-30.  It dissolves easily and thoroughly  in
water. Each bottle comes with it's own easy to use measuring scoop.       
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Weathered Orchid Pot - Handmade in the Philippines and
finished in appealing 'mossy' washes but of greens, tans and ochers
these pots offer a value and style not easy to find.   Each pot is 6
inches in diameter across the top, and 4 inches high. Three drain
hole are provided in the bottom.     
Unique Orchid Pots
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Unique Orchid Pots; Three Colors, - Wisconsin potter Brook Johnson designs this
Unique Orchid Pots. Each Orchid Pot comes complete with a galvanized screen bottom to hold
the orchid bark and offer good air circulation to the roots. For phrag growers the included saucer
is deep enough to accommodate water/root contact. Holes are also provided for hanging the pot.
This Unique Orchid Pot is available in three glaze colors; White, Blue or Green.
Measures 4-1/2" in diameter, 5" height.
Handmade pots measurements and color may vary slightly.
Checks & Money Orders Accepted
Order On Line Or Call Toll
Closeup of the pot
bottom showing
detailed sculpted
ventilation holes and
pot feet.
Clear Pot Liners, Set of Five - Our liner pot offers
a functional and easy way to raise your orchids.  Designed
with ample air slots for healthy roots and clear plastic so
you can check the root growth and promote
photosynthesis.  When a Liner into one of our Brook
Johnson or Jacqueline Wetzel Phillips orchid pots for a
beautiful display.             
$5.00   Set of 5 - 5" pots
Dragonfly Plant Clips, Set of Ten -
For years we used horticultural twist ties
to hold taller inflorescence upright.  A few
years ago at an orchid show we discovered
these functional little dragonfly clips and
have been using them steadily since.   Sold
in a bag of 10, assorted colors.
$5.00   Set of 10
Growing Hardy Orchids - If you have thought about growing hardy
orchids in your garden this book is an inspiration and a complete planning
guide.   Full of great insight into our domestic orchids with practical advice
on how to cultivate them.  Author John Tullock displays many of his
wonderful color photographs throughout the book .  This book covers
everything the gardener in the temperate zone needs to know for hardy
terrestrial orchid growing.
List Price $29.95    
Our Price $25.00  
Orchid Care & Gifts....everything you need to take care of your prizes.
Closeup of screen bottom
which offers better
drainage and ventilation for
orchid roots.