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Now Shipping our 2017 Garlic Crop
October is Garlic Planting Month, Order Now While Supplies Last
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Another beautiful crop of garlic this year!
Megan's 2017 crop started poking up in mid March and due to the
abundance of rain this year developed into a beautiful crop.  The
garlic crop has now been air dried and hand cleaned ready for
shipment at it's peak.  Her field is located in an ancient river valley in
the Driftless area of Wisconsin, the ground is incredibly rich and
beautifully organic.  
Organically Raised Premium Sized Seed Garlic - Our seed  garlic bulbs are at least 2" in
diameter.  We have German Hardy White, Music & Armenian varieties.  Generally if you are planting your own
garlic the rule of thumb is, larger cloves planted means larger bulbs harvested.  We include complete growing
instructions with each order.  
$15.00  One Pound, 3 Varieties Available; German White, Music or Armenian

Organically Raised Culinary Garlic
- Sized just right for eating, our garlic varieties have wonderful
garlic flavor and large cloves that are easy to peel.  Enjoy!       
$10.00  One Pound, 3 Varieties Available, German White, Music or Armenian
Checks & Money Orders
German White
Our daughter, Megan and
her son Henry have taken
over our garlic production
and they are loving it.  They
are in the process of organic
certification of their farm.  
They have followed the
USDA Guidelines for
organic production for their
2017 garlic crop.
Hardy German White -
An old standard porcelain hardneck variety
easy to grow and very hardy
Richly flavored, moderately spicy flavor
Music -
A porcelain hardneck variety
Strong, robust plants
Hot raw, sweet roasted
Armenian -
A porcelain hardneck variety
Consistently produces large bulbs
Excellent flavor
1# German White Seed Garlic
1# German White Culinary Garlic
1# Music Seed Garlic
1# Music Culinary Garlic
1# Armenian Seed Garlic
1# Armenian Culinary Garlic
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shipping on garlic
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