Siberian Iris....organically grown....fresh dug from our fields.
'Linda Mary' . A distinctive 1990 introduction that won an Honorable
Mention in 1991 for it's outstanding qualities.  This 36 inch tall iris proudly
displays it's ruffled light red-purple flowers in the early to mid-season.  
Marked with a distinctive white halo each flower also displays styles with a
blue mid-rib that shades into turquoise. Vigorous deer resistant plants thrive
for years in well drained soil.  Zone 4.    
'Flight of Butterflies' - A diminutive addition to the front or mid-border, 'Flight
of Butterflies' stands 28 inches and offers dainty petals displaying beautiful blue
veining through the white petals.  Flowers are a respectable 3 inches which sit high
above the thin grass like foliage. As the clump grows, and the number of flowers
multiplies, this iris certainly takes on it's name sake in the slightest breeze.  Zone 4.  
Early to mid-June bloomer.     
'Butter & Sugar' - A captivating bi-tone that seems to immediately capture
exactly what 'Butter & Sugar' is all about.  Showing good substance and form
it stands 28" with stately 3 1/2 inch flowers.  A Dr. McEwen 1977 Hybrid,
combination of the lemon yellow falls and snow white standards will bring
years of enjoyment to your iris bed.  Zone 4.      
'Harpswell Haze' - A creation from the garden of Dr. Currier McEwen,
the pre-eminent hybridizer of Siberian iris in America, this iris is named after
him.  4" inch flowers rise above the leaves for a very dramatic display. This iris
is welcome light blue addition to the iris bed.  
Bauer-Coble, displaying a yellow with lavender tricolor overtone. The
early to mid-season garden. A 2004 Honorable Mention winner from
the American Iris Society.  Zone 4.    
'Pas-de-Deux' - A Hollingworth introduction in 1988, 'Pas-de-Deaux
won the Award of Merit in 1994.  Gracing the mid to late garden it brings
it's wonderful pastel shades of cream and yellow into the garden at a most
needed time. The falls show a pleated and wide form with lemon yellow
shading.  At 26 inches it is suited for most garden installations.  Zone
'Ranman' - A 1997 Shidara introduction, it's name means 'full
bloom'.  A mid- season bloomer that attracts quite a bit of
attention.  Grouped in the pink Siberian section it shows
beautiful form and vigor.  Zone 4.      
'Sultan's Ruby' - Another Hollingworth introduction from 1988
possessing deep magenta flowers in the mid-season.  The veined white
signals add an interesting focal point to the overall beauty of this award
winner.  Zone 4.    
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'Fairy Fingers' - Receiving an Honorable Mention [HM} from the
American Iris Society in 1996.  'Fairy Fingers' continues to delight gardeners
who include it in their Siberian iris plantings.  At 18" it holds a special place for
edge of a border. It's predominate white color is beautifully accented with full
yellow signals.  A medium season bloomer.  Zone 4.    
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Sibtosa 'Dutchess' - A Siberian inter species cross by Tamberg
introduced in 2002. Full lavender-pink falls fading into lavender with
delicate deeper lavender veining emanating from the yellow signal. The
standards and styles are nearly pure white. Beautiful color combination!  
Long bloom season. 'Dutchess' blooms in the early to mid-season and is
36" tall.  Zone 4.     
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'Salamander Crossing' - This new 1999 introduction of the carefree
Siberian Iris offers stately  42 inch tall flower stalks that bloom with white
standards. The lavender speckling is also evident on the styles.  A
beautiful and delicate flower, it brings a welcome palette of soft color and
enjoyment in a sunny location.  Zone 4.    
 Very Limited
'Snow Queen' - The queen of white Siberians has been lightening up
our garden for years.   Add a bright spot to a darker corner of your
plantings.  Height is 18 inches and it is an early June bloomer here in
Wisconsin.     Zone 4.     
'Eric the Red' - One gets the flash of sunlight through a goblet of cabernet
deep within the petals of this delightful iris.  Good form,  at 30 inches with fast
forming clumps.  All these features add-up to make 'Eric the Red' a welcome
addition to the garden.  Each flower is a substantial  3-1/2 inches adding to the
total effect. Upright leaf habit is well below the cloud of flowers, which perch
handsomely above. A proven performer here in Zone 4 Wisconsin.  A Morgan
Award winner.  June bloomer.     
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Sibtosa 'Berlin Challenger' - A Setosa-Siberian cross,  
Sibtosa iris are thought to have been collected from the wild centuries
ago in China.  An extremely hardy plant  that is good into zone 3 and
has done well here to -26f. Flowers ride high on  sturdy 39 inch tall
stalks displaying their impressive characteristics. Large 3-1/2 inch sky
blue flowers are accented with blue veining emerging from the throat
and then flowing through the nice butter yellow pre-signal before
running through large white signals.   Early to mid-June bloomer.  
Same care as Siberian.    
'Lady Lilac' - A 1991 introduction by renowned hybridizer, Dr. Currier
McEwen.  'Lady Lilac' has been voted a favorite among gardeners growing
Dr. McEwen's creations. A very early to mid-season bloomer it fills a
niche in the early garden offering a pink-lilac color scheme to the
landscape. A tetraploid that stands 32" and shows it's feathered styles
and ruffled falls with grace.  Zone 4.    
'Chilled Wine' - Beautiful red-purple hues that really stand out in
the perennial garden.  Healthy care free plants quickly form eye
catching stands.  A late May-early June  bloomer here in
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'Lady Vanessa' - One of our new favorites!  Each 3-1/2 inch plus
flower sits beautifully above the foliage.  You can expect the flowers to be
two to three feet above the ground, making for a dramatic display.  A 1986
Hollingworth introduction with lavender/red coloration on the falls.
Gorgeously accented with white signals delicately veined in lavender. The
standards are ruffled round tipped in white.  Zone 4.  Early to mid-June
'Dreaming Spires' - This is a very rich iris that anchors a setting in
your garden with it's luxury of deep blue color.  Twenty four inch tall
plants display the ample 5 inch flowers with authority.  The deep blue
falls are nicely offset with lighter blue tints in the standards.  A sure
bloomer that never fails to garner glances and comments  from the
visitors to my gardens.  Zone 4.   Early to mid-June bloomer.     
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According to Dr. Currier McEwen,  America's foremost breeder of Siberian Iris, these
robust plants were in cultivation by 1600!  Siberian Iris have a much more delicate foliage display than other
iris,  producing stands of thin, grass-like leaves.  Siberians bloom just after the bearded iris and before the
care-free a garden plant as possible.  While full sun and a slightly acidic soil with average water are best, varying
degrees ofthe norm are easily tolerated by this hardy grower.  One of the parents of many of todays' cultivars
i. sanguinea  which is native to Siberia, Korea,  Japan and northeastern China.  No wonder this garden gem
is so hardy!  For the most part Siberians are listed as zone 3 in the literature.  I list zone 4 only because that's
our zone and our experience.
'My Love' - Starting it's bloom in the bearded iris's mid-season, 'My
very graceful looking plant form. Beautifully erect large standards add a
Starting it's bloom in the bearded iris's mid-season, 'My butterfly like
appearance to the azure blue flowers that are
'My Love' - accented
with accented with gold and white haft marks.  Nice veining in the falls
adds to gold and white haft marks.  Nice veining in the falls adds to the
overall interest of this flower.  At  37 inches tall 'My Love' gives a solid
Wisconsin.  A registered re-bloomer.        
'Illini Charm' - When I first saw this iris it caught me by surprise in the corner
of my eye, then turning I realized it was the first time I had seen such a delightful
color in the beardless iris bed. Very pale pastel magenta falls accented with
blue veining through a white signal which end in the butter yellow throat.  Good
substance is displayed in the erect standards.  A mid-height plant at 20
'Lois J' - This iris is rich. Possessing large 4 inch flowers, the over all
regal deep blue, appears almost purple. In the sea of blue, on each
semi-flaring petal,  blue veined white signal rays flow out from the throat.
The erect and generous standards add to the fine composition of each
flower. 'Lois J' is an easy grower forming nice sized clumps quickly.  
Hardy here in zone 4 Wisconsin, where last winter we had several nights
of -26f.  Early to mid-June bloomer.  
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