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'Koi Pond' - This is an exceptionally beautifully
detailed print rendered in raised relief.  Every petal of
the lily and the pads are 3-D on the surface of the
pond as the koi navigate between them. There is a
soothing symmetry to the composition, balanced by the
inspiration to the artists' eye as he sees the flow of
$79.00 Print with Handmade Mat
$39.00   Print with Standard Mat
See Mat Samples Below
Print w/Standard Mat
Print w/Handmade Mat
Handmade Mats(left) are made
by Judi using real eucalyptus leaves
which carry the lilypad motif
throughout the piece.  
Standard Mats (right) are floral
embossed in
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'Koi Pond' with Eucalyptus Mat Framed
Chong & Judi Lim create each of their prints
using engraving techniques Chong developed
over his many years in art school. Every image
rises above the surface of the paper, no two
are alike.  The art is then completed with a
Handmade Eucalyptus Mat and black wood
frame, ready to hang on your wall.    
Koi Placecard Holders,
Set of Four -
 An enchanting
addition to your next dinner
party table, these Koi Placecard
Holders are cast with great
detail and weight to stay where
you place them.  Made from
solid cast aluminum with a
decorative silver finish.  
Measures 2" in length x 1" in
$15.00   Set of 4
On Sale Now   $12.00
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Dolphin Key Hooks -  
Cast from durable brass
for a long lasting accent
piece our 'Dolphin Key
Hooks' has a high quality
patina that brings out the
light textures on the
dolphins and curling wave
background.  Matching
screws included.  Holds 5
sets of keys.  9" long,
2-3/4" high
Seahorse Key Hooks
 I love the seashore! The
seahorse is such a strong
symbol of the ocean and all
the life it holds that it is a
fun accent to use everyday
to remind me of the special
beaches & coral reefs.  
Made from durable cast
included.  Holds 5 sets of
keys.  9" long, 2-3/4" high.
Tropical Fish Scramble Squares
 Fun for the whole family!  Easy to
play, hard to solve!  Test your skill at
puzzle solving with this 9 piece beautifully
artistic puzzle.    Award winning creation
made in California.  Each puzzle
contains interesting information about
dragonflies.  Helps maintain mental
agility at all ages.  Measures 12 inches
Crab Dish - With a clam
shell dish held high by the
claw of our cast iron crab
the fine detail and verdigris
finish are sure to find a
place in your home.  
6"W x 4-1/2" H
Octopus Key Hooks -  
Create your own coral reef!  
Our cast aluminum Octopus
Key Hooks with six tentacles
for hanging your keys.  
Beautiful and functional all at
the same time.
10" W x 6-1/2" H
Designer Lobster Tray - Nothing
says 'seashore' like lobsters and our
Lobster Tray brings the fun of the ocean
to your next entertaining event. Sturdy
construction with a high gloss finish, which
is heat, moisture and alcohol resistant, and
made from earth friendly MDF lacquer.  
Measures 18" in diameter.
Octopus Cutting Board/Trivet - Made
of tempered glass so can be used as a hot plate,
cutting board, trivet or cheese board.  
Tempered glass resists stains, odors &
bacteria.  Rubber feet hold it securely on
counter tops.  Great house warming, hostess or
wedding gift.  Hand wash in warm water.  
Measures 8 " x 11".