Water Iris, for pond or garden...organically grown..
'Monstrosa' - This iris can be grown in a pond, a wet spot in your
yard or in your flower garden if you give it at least an inch of water a
week. It's rare form and beauty, which I first saw in Dr. Kohlein's
book, and in 1988 finally tracked it down from an iris breeder in
Oregon, will accent any garden setting. Sturdy flower scapes grow
20 inches plus.  The indigo ink spotting on each white fall is a unique
accent in water iris.  Zone 4.      
'Laevigata' -  Another Japanese creation, Laevigata is in style with the 'brush mark'
of white running down each fall. When in bloom the cloud of flowers sways in the
breeze giving animated excitement to your garden. Taken from the swamp and bred for
centuries, this iris is suitable for having it's feet in water or in a well watered spot in
your garden. The subtle cobalt blue flowers stand a-top 30 inch stalks which bloom
mid-season.  Zone 4.    
 $8.00  Each     
'Murrayana' - Collected in the wilds of Newfoundland and cultivated for
years, the slender falls and delicate yellow markings  make Murrayana a spotlight  
iris. At home in the pond or garden this easy cultivar is a proven provider for
years of satisfaction and delight. It's form is reminiscent of some spuria [I.
graminea] or perhaps a skinny I. virginica.  An unusual iris form for your
collection.  Zone 4.      
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'Alba' - This very  Japanese looking iris variety is in fact a water loving
laevigata, which not surprisingly, traces it's ancestors to Japan.  This is a
double form with six white petals accented with lilac tracings on the styles.
This stately iris will quickly form good size clumps with 24 inch plants.  Zone 4.
8.00 Each     
'Between the Lines' -  A hybrid of our native i. versicolor or Blue
Flag,  this demure gem offers it's display both in the pond environment or
under normal garden conditions. Given full sun and average garden soil
with normal watering, 'Between the Lines' will develop rapidly into  good
size stands.  A 1991 introduction,  this flower displays a white
background with blue-violet veins running throughout, yellow signals and a
distinctive green throat.  Flowers sit atop 22 inch stalks.  Mid-season
bloomer.  Zone 4.     
$8.00  Each    
'Slightly Daft' - Introduced in 2001 experts have been saying this iris has
'beautiful form' ever since.  An I.virginica hybrid displaying white standards with
a faint mauve blush at the base and white styles also similarly blushed. A yellow
throat runs into the strong golden yellow signals that accent each fall. The
leaf structure show atop 30 inch flower stalks.  Hardy into zone 4 with mulch.     
I. Sanguinea/Species - This is a stately plant maturing into nice 42 inch tall
plants. Large 4 inch flowers display a yellow throat blending into a white signal
which is heavily veined in rivers of dark blue.  Originally introduced from Japan,
I. Sanguinea is becoming more popular with American gardeners as the
extreme  interest in backyard ponds continues to grow.  First 'exotic' water iris
to bloom in my gardens, after 'Yellow Flag'.      Zone 4.   
$8.00  Each        
'Pseudacorus 'King Clovis' -  A hybrid of our native 'Yellow Flag', 'King Clovis'
displays distinctive form and grace.  A stately, but not as gigantic as some Pseud., it
has pleasing bright lemon yellow falls accented with a chestnut signal which in turn is
veined in darker chestnut.  'King Clovis', named after the King of France,  is an easy
grower that quickly forms a nice clump.  Zone 4.       
I. Laevigata 'Double Form' - With 6 falls you have double the beauty!  The white
signals against the cobalt blue falls makes for a commanding sight. Stately 24 inch
plants bloom in the mid-season.  An elegant accent by your water feature or in the
'Roy's Repeater' - A newer introduction first shown in  2002 from the
gardens of Mr. Aitken, 'Roy's Repeater'  lights up a place in
the garden with it's illuminated white background subtly accented with blue
veining.  Growing to 42 inches and forming healthy clumps this charmer
becomes a focal point in the water garden.  Coupling it with darker iris behind
it helps bring out the inner light that comes from this lighter beauty.           
Zone 4.      
Pseudacorus 'Holden Clough' - Possibly our new favorite as it just
opened today, but we still have a few more iris we put in last year that have
not opened yet, so, we are reserving our final vote to later in the season.  I
have to tell you though, this is a show stopping iris! Absolutely riveting
upright standards seems to say, 'Look at me'.  Some varieties seem to be
more yellow, however the stock we purchased blooms with this gorgeous
eye opening coloration in our garden.  Zone 4.         
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'Enfant Prodige'- A 1993 intergenetic hybrid from the Huber test garden.
This iris is a real standout during the iris season. Very interesting 'patchwork'
petal has a unique coloration and charm. Growing to 43inches Enfant Prodige
quickly becomes a centerpiece by your pond or in your garden.  Zone 4.
I. Virginica 'Native Wine' - One of our favorite newer introductions.  First
introduced in 2003 by E. Hulbert.  Interesting graceful 'drooping' leaf form in the
garden as they arc over looking like a green fountain.  The flowers are unique in
color with white falls accented in wine veining.  Large 4-1/2" flowers sit nicely atop
30" stems. An extra bonus is a slight sweet fragrance.  A beauty in our Zone 4
'Holden's Child' - A very nice Pseudacorus hybrid introduced in 1991
by Tiffney. Purple/red coloring in the falls gives the normally purple iris
hue an interesting twist. The delicate deep purple veining adds interest
along with the stand out yellow signal. 'Holden's Child' is 27" high and
blooms in the mid-season Noted for it's multi branching flower stalks.  
Zone 4.     
Pseud. x Pseud. 'Phil Edinger' - Erect 3' leaves with some leaves drooping make
for an impressive stand.  Beautiful mahogany veining accent the yellow falls.  An early
June bloomer here in Wisconsin. A 1991  introduction by Hager.  Zone 4    
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'Seiran' -  Introduced in 1993 this laevigata displays beautiful form in the erect
standards emerging from the deep wisteria blue center. The pale wisteria falls are
subtly accented by a thin yellow 'brush mark' or signal.  Sitting atop 27 inch
highstalks, a cloud of Seiran blooms adds a shimmering display to the pond or
quantities available. Zone 4.       
bed and appears like velvet.  Flowers stand beautifully above the foliage at
around 24 inches.  Delicate veining and a yellow accent mark the signal on each
fall.  Standards are upright with a softer orchid tone with a darker mid-rib.  For a
different color in your water garden palette 'Wild Wine' is sure to fill that niche.  
Zone 4.     
'Versi. X'- An absolutely eye catching un-named hybrid that commands attention
in the June garden.  Quickly forming large impressive stands.  Flowers are
prominent above the foliage at 39" high.  A real treat is at pond side. A strong
grower year after year here in Wisconsin.  Zone 4    
Variegated Water Iris- Grown for its stunning foliage, this iris
will lighten up your gardens all summer.  A strong grower in a pond,
at the edge of a pond or just in a non-water garden environment.  A
real accent at over 40" tall.  Zone 4     
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Whodunit' - A wonderful iris that seems to light up the garden.  A dazzling
white that is the perfect backdrop for the rivers of violet-blue that each fall.
versicolor hybrid first introduced in 1987 by Warburton; 'Whodunit' has
continued to delight anyone who grows it ever since. Flowers attain 25 inches
in height and are noted for their long blooming season.  Zone 4.      
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For those of you lucky enough to have a pond, most of these beauties can be planted directly in the
water. I had large stands of 'Monstrosa" planted in the water at our lakes' edge in Connecticut for years. The
'pin-wheel' display was always a welcome treat. Water iris are at home in normal garden soil also, provided they
receive ample water. They like rich acid soil and full sun. Flowering generally begins in early to mid June and can
last for a month or more depending on the size of your plantings. The original European native water iris,
known as 'yellow flag' was the model for the French fleur-de-lis. Dependable strong growers, this
collection of water iris are sure to add years of enjoyment to your water feature or garden.  
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Pseud. x Pseud. 'Roy Davidson' - A stand out beacon in the early
to mid-season iris garden.  At home with wet feet or in normal garden
conditions with plenty of water; 2-3 inches a week.  Sturdy three foot
plants bear delightful yellow flowers delicately veined in light chestnut
with a deeper mahogany signal accented with veining.  A 1987
'Shirasagi' - One of the very few water iris to possess a slight fragrance,
'Shirasagi' adds a cloud of light to a pond side planting.   A 1993 introduction by
Mahan, this beauty stands 28 inches and blooms in the mid-season.  White falls
delicately accented with a yellow signal, white styles, and violet shaded mid-ribs all
combine to make a wonderful show.  Zone 4.    
'Versicolor 'Raspberry Slurp' - Continuing to bring new colors into the
garden is always a challenge for breeders.  Adding the delightful shades of
'Raspberry Slurp' fills the medium height needed to balance a garden with
taller psuedacorus, spuria, or daylilies.  This vibrant iris brings an endearing
light and color to the water garden that makes your special place more
enchanting.   Zone 4.       
I. Virginica 'Mountain Brook' - A beautiful early to mid-June bloomer
resembling the more Northern
I. versicolor, or 'Blue Flag'.  I. Virginica,
named after the state it was first discovered, has proven itself here in
Wisconsin as a winter hardy and vigorous grower of exceptional charm.  The
blooms are slightly larger than' Blue Flag' and it sports gracefully tall
standards.  Each flower display itself in 3 to 5 inch blooms, while the plant
will achieve up to 3 feet in height.  While most iris prefer full sun, 'Mountain
Brook' will tolerate some shade.  It will light up your pond.  Zone 4.      
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